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PaidSabbatical offers a very wide range of topics primarily centered on (but not limited to) simplifying the chaotic world of online marketing. We are here to help creatives who have OTHER interests. Let me ask you, are you an artist who wants to write, paint, dance like no one’s watching but need money to be able to pursue your dreams? Yes, as you’ve heard, getting your business online is the easiest way to expand your reach but also, as you’ve heard, it is virtually impossible to sift through the plethora of information out there. The fact is that the most successful marketers live and breathe business marketing. Who has TIME for that?
  • Writers, you want to write books but don’t know where to sell them, let alone how and where to get them published or advertised?
  • Maybe, you ARE a business entrepreneur who but want to make some extra bucks while travelling or spending time with your family.
  • Do you want some help setting up your website? Do you even need a website? So much time wasted on the little things that may not even matter.
We are here for the people who want to get useful tips and ideas on anything and everything related to business without having to wade through the pile of muck that blocks your way to the Land of  Online Success. PaidSabbatical is here to help you achieve more while doing less. Want to get PAID while having FUN
on your days off?