Top 3 Tips for Online Marketing During Black Friday

Black Friday for most people can mean a sense of urgency. Especially when it comes to taking advantage of several shopping deals for the week. Black Friday in the marketing world, however, can mean a series of strategic campaigns designed in gaining more revenue and profit. Black Friday offers one of the greatest deals when it comes to online stores.

1. Create a Sence of Urgency

According to the article of Amanda DiSilvestro, Black Friday is a day right after Thanksgiving. That is why you plan holiday campaigns during this period to hype people up. Email marketing is one of the best strategic campaigns. You can also utilize the use of the use of hashtags in social media like Facebook or Twitter. This will emphasize Black Friday offers. Things like giving free shipping for VIP or loyal customers and many more. This way you will be giving a sense of urgency. What is interesting about this whole notion is the fact that you can be as creative as you want in order to attract people. Both for Black Friday and for early Christmas or holiday shopping.

2. Create ‘Teaser’ Advertisements

Another strategy during Black Friday is through the usage of creating advertisements with witty teasers or photos for the period. By customizing teasers, you can gauge the excitement of people in buying the product. The teasers also offer a way to prepare customers for exclusive deals. Something that is only available on your website or page. Teasers must be effective and engaging enough to attract a customer’s attention.

3. Create a Social Media Presence

Discussing Black Friday deals and promos online, giving challenges or steps in order to acquire more followers can vastly help for the promotion of your own product. This is made possible by the effect of writing blog posts or creating personalized challenges on social media. For example, give your followers a chance to click like or share during Black Friday posts on your page. At the same time provide them with a raffle entry and a chance to win a limited item for sharing your post with a chosen hashtag. This can turn customers into promoters of your own products.


By establishing a close and sincere relationship with followers through these personalized marketing campaigns, you can gain a lot of loyalty. As with any other holiday, what is important to remember during Black Friday is that your customers are very important. It is better to research what they want or what excites them during these periods to have the most successful marketing campaign.