Best Business Marketing Ideas to Celebrate Veterans Day

With Veterans Day approaching, you know that many businesses do what they can to honor veterans. They do this through promotions, freebie giveaways, and discount deals. We all know that these simple acts of “thanks” are helpful. Especially in showing how the company or the brand recognizes societal contributions.

Celebrating the bravery of our heroes requires genuine acts of appreciation. When authenticity is established, it would be easier for your audience to connect and relate with you.

Approach with Caution

Now, marketing on Veterans Day must be approached with caution in order to avoid offense. Great care must be observed when handing out deals and discounts. There is a tendency to appear like you’re patronizing the veterans. It is not a simple matter of marketing as you would do on other holidays. Most brands fall into the danger of constructing hero images and putting up slogans that will overly glorify veterans. This, in turn, will make you appear fake and shallow.

Quality Matters

As there is a great emotional appeal to this event, think about an attractive discount. Offer something that
will truly make the veterans and their families feel special. Don’t launch regular discounts as you would do on other holidays. If you want to show that you honor them, launch quality promotions without sacrificing the profit.

Utilize Social Media

It’s good to utilize various social media platforms to promote your offer and at the same time, increase awareness. Your purpose is not only to make people know about your brand but also to share knowledge about our history. The various events that the veterans participated in. They will surely be grateful for that.

Honor all Veterans

Don’t forget that Veterans Day is a day to honor all veterans – not only those in the field. If you have the resources to do so, include all who sacrificed for the country in one way or another.

Take the example of Boeing’s commercial. They made Veterans Day videos that were able to forge a valuable connection between the viewers and the brand.

Use Videos

The videos are raw, genuine, and anchored to reality. It is a great reminder for all ages that there are people out there who are the reason for the freedom that they’re enjoying. Moreover, another essential feature of video as a marketing campaign is that it doesn’t seem like a campaign or advertisement.


Do not make your campaigns seem like stepping stones to gain a selfish advantage to your business. This will for sure put majority of people off. Remember that Boeing only included their brand in the video during the few seconds as it came to an end.

If you want to be successful in your Veterans Day campaign, your main objective is not advertising itself. It is to show gratitude to those who served.