Columbus Day Marketing Changes Considerations

Columbus Day marketing takes on a new form as the holiday is increasingly criticized because of the historical events associated with it. The forerunner of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was Columbus himself. This suppression of rights throws shade at the national holiday. States like Seattle and cities such as Minneapolis recognized and started referring to Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day.

Emphasize Indigenous People’s Rights

What is the implication of this on our marketing strategies? The decrease in Columbus Day themes. Things such as world or ocean travel and exploration are looming and evident. It is advisable to steer clear of those themes in your email marketing campaigns. Especially as more and more states recognize the need to do away with the Columbus theme altogether. Instead, emphasizing the indigenous people’s rights and culture.

Be Respectful

While this might happen in the future, nothing beats preparation. It is a huge risk to invest in something that has a possibility to gobble up marketing capital in an instant. Being aware of social and cultural changes prevents you from appearing insensitive and disrespectful to other groups in society.

Marketing history tells us that a number of major campaigns failed because marketers disregarded the cultural implications of their advertisements. An ad can be interpreted in various ways. The more that we are aware of differing opinions, the less is the risk to offend someone since we live in multicultural environments.

Engage The Masses

The job of a marketer becomes increasingly complex. Especially as one markets to an area which is home to people of various religious and economic backgrounds. Thus, the ability to create an advertisement which typifies a need is indeed a challenge. It is, of course, impossible to please and satisfy all kinds of needs but it is possible to run a campaign that can engage the majority of the group.

Brands such as Best Buy, Macy’s, and Kohl’s still run Columbus Day campaigns. It is not clear what their stand is when it comes to the institutionalization of the Indigenous Day celebration. On the other hand, small e-commerce stores like launch Indigenous Day campaigns. Though they are considered minuscule compared to bigger brands, they can generate a million dollar sales in a year.


Flexibility in the face of changing worldviews is a necessity for any company. The easier the adaptation, the more profitable it would be because time and resources will not be wasted.

Incorporating new strategies and discarding old ones is a challenge. It is, however, better to start early than push through with an outdated, ineffective marketing campaign. One that will cost you a lot in the long run.