Top Tips For Columbus Day Marketing

Thinking of a particular holiday’s marketing strategy year by year can be a challenge. You, as a marketer, are apt to wonder how you can alter the previous years’ ads. Whether or not to change them at all. Since the theme is the same, how can one tweak a campaign like that of Columbus Day to gain more viewership?

A serious business owner knows the importance of utilizing special events. AS well as creating relevant campaigns to boost sales. The seemingly unchanging nature of holiday marketing can sometimes hinder creativity in thinking of ways to improve past ads. Columbus Day is a good time to increase marketing interest and even sales momentum if done right.

Short Term Discounts

Columbus Day transitions to major holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Since it is a preparatory stage for those big events, it should not be taken for granted. This holiday can jumpstart major purchase decisions through the use of promotional activities. Such as the giving of short term discounts.

The short term discounts serve the purpose of extending reach at the same time as the sales themselves. The more that your brand is seen and recognized, the higher is the likelihood for customers to trust you.

Target Previously Engaged Audience

Retargeting the previously engaged audience actually has a higher conversion yield. Even if they only saw your ad one time.

Targeting new audiences will cost you a lot. It will take time before you will catch their attention enough to try your products. Time equates to expenses in the marketing world. It is advisable to occasionally go back to your first audience and try to market your other products or services to them. Especially if you didn’t manage to convince them the first time.

Utilize Email Marketing

Creativity is seen in how we craft our emails. It is, of course, a given to incorporate Columbus Day designs (nautical scenes or ocean travel) in your email marketing contents. Make it clear in the subject line that the promotion is related to Columbus Day to avoid confusing them. It is a minor holiday so a number of people might not expect to receive related promotions.

Be Available During The Holiday

It is also a good idea to include in the email campaigns that you’re open for Columbus Day. Availability during special events is a worthy sacrifice to make. Announce this across your social media channels too. Also, don’t forget to build anticipation until the big day by sending weekly email reminders.


Columbus Day opens up a lot of opportunities if one knows how to utilize powerful marketing tools.  Especially email marketing and social media platforms. Again, retargeting customers or audiences is a great way to save money. Incorporate the current holiday’s theme to designs and social media graphics for a bigger impact.