Create Space and the Era of Self-published Books

In Amazon where ingenuity and creativity is valued for producing and marketing a seller’s own
products, Create Space becomes a platform for sharing or uploading self-published books. In
marketing products and promoting one’s company or services, it is common to give a small pdf
or e-book to customers wanting to know about the product or the company. Hence, Create Space
enables marketers to promote themselves in such a manner that produces profits without going
through the difficulties of getting books published on print.

Create space is one of the free services and unique features of Amazon that enables self-
published books by independent authors or marketers be sold in the website. Create space in
Amazon is easy to use as a marketer or a seller only needs to have a readymade e-book to be
uploaded to the website. The benefits of Create Space is that it lets a person independently
publish or sell his or her own book with more options available unrestricted to traditional means
of publishing a book.

Gone are the days in which a person wanting to publish his or her own book must go through a
step by step process just to find a publishing company willing to print the book in paperback. In
modern times, Amazon offers a revolutionary way of publishing one’s book through Create
Space. In addition to this, Miller also exemplifies in his article that Create Space of Amazon also
lets the seller design the cover for their books as well as marketing services that can help the
seller promote the book.

Create space also offers and sells packages depending on the author’s need for publishing their
book. For example, “Author’s Express” is an option for authors who were able to provide pdf
versions of their book while “Author’s Advantage” caters to authors who needs designers for
their books and so on. With the multitude of services that Create Space can deliver, it is evident
that authors can now publish their own books faster online.

In submitting an author’s own book, Create space also reviews and emails an author about any
mistakes or concerns before it can be marketed online. In line with this, once a book is out for
selling in public an author can also customize his or her page in Amazon Author Central in order
to attract more customers by providing information about his or her page and products.

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