The Art of Effective Marketing through Surveys during Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November, is a time of festivity and celebration for the family. Gatherings and clan reunions usually occur during this special holiday. It is important for you to focus on creative online marketing ideas.

Create Contests Based on Surveys

An effective way to invite new customers is by making surveys. You can center on customers who visit or follow your page to give answers for contests during this day. This will make your web content and marketing relevant because it determines the ingenuity of your page to attract more visitors.

A good way for this event is to make visitors submit their own favorite recipes during Thanksgiving day. Award the best recipe for a special promo discount or freebie item in your shop. You can also get the email address of customers in this manner. They will also have the option to subscribe to your page for upcoming promo deals.

Social Media Photo Contest

Another way to attract customers is to encourage them to enter into a photo contest. This can be done by posting their meals or dinner preparations during Thanksgiving to social media. As for the gift, allow the person with the most creative photo to choose a special gift from your shop. This strategy is usually shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Don’t Forget Your Loyal Customers

Another special strategy during Thanksgiving is giving loyal customers a special discount. This shows them that you are “thanking” them for being loyal to your business. This way, they will also enjoy the benefits of being loyal customers by feeling valued and cared for.

Host a Charity Event

Hosting special events for charity or creating a buffet event for customers is also remarkable for Thanksgiving. Especially if you are engaged in food or restaurant service. By hosting a charity event, you can make people know that your business cares enough for others. This creates a feeling of closeness and familiarity while establishing a background of care and love during this holiday.

Holding buffet events can also give customers the privilege to come to your shop with their families. This can be very advantageous to your business because family members can also become loyal customers during the special event.

You should remember that the Thanksgiving holiday is a way to make customers value a feeling of trust for your business. You should treasure the social relations because it marks the ability for you to inspire people.