The Five Elements of Marketing Plan: What can you learn from the Election Day

Election Day offers many opportunities for you and other marketers alike to have an idea of the best campaign strategies to “hook” the masses. Defining your target audience’s needs is similar to what Election Day candidates are doing to ensure success. What the Election “challengers” are doing is focus all their energies on campaigning on one specific period leading up to the Election Day. You, on the other hand, are selling your brand and get people to “vote” for you by spending their money on a weekly or monthly basis. This is the main difference between your marketing and theirs.

Presidential candidates incorporate five elements in their marketing plan. The marketing goal, marketing issues, solutions and credibility. The last and often taken for granted, act of follow-up or keeping in touch with the people who supported them. Take note that candidates invest heavily in their campaign programs. So the principles gleaned from their campaign strategies are surely foolproof as foundations of success. What we will learn might seem the basics of any marketing plan. However, there are useful tips that set this apart from the majority.

Marketing Goals

The first one to carefully consider is the marketing goals. Are you aware that the primary goal of campaign managers or leaders is to compel more than fifty percent of the population to vote for their candidate? Your goal is to make the people “vote” for you by choosing your product or service from the many options in the market. What percentage of the market are you aiming for this year?

Marketing Issues

One of the ways that presidential candidates measure victory is by looking at how successfully they were able to touch on people’s emotions. Especially in the areas of security or prosperity. In the same way, you as a marketer should keep in mind the issues that your customers are facing. This will make them purchase your product. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes will give you an idea of whether they will purchase your product.


Solutions are related to marketing issues. How can you convince your customers that your brand can provide value to them and that it will answer their greatest concern? Is the “value” one they perceive that only you can provide?


Credibility, on the other hand is an area where you should differ from election campaigners. The majority’s negative perception of the election’s credibility shouldn’t be adapted to your marketing style. Promote credibility by highlighting your company’s positive attributes. You can do so through testimonials from past customers who were satisfied with your product or service you provided.

Follow up

Lastly, it’s important to do a follow up with your clients. What will make them think of you first when a need arises? Make your brand memorable by delivering a great customer experience from start to finish. It’s all about winning the affection of the people and making your brand a part of their lives.