Follow These Successful Election Day Marketing Campaigns

The Election is a pretty sensitive topic for most people. Your plans to market at this time can be met with a huge question mark. How exactly can you make your campaign unique on Election Day? How can you generate that much-needed interest to drive traffic to your store? Well, creativity and humor play an important role in making your campaign memorable.

You will be endorsing your own interests (company expansion) at this time. You can model your marketing strategy around the various electoral parties. Social media plays a huge role. It was even said to influence people’s mind toward a certain way. Knowing this, you can invest your time in social media platforms to increase brand awareness.

Take a look at some of the creative ways that companies took advantage of the event to leave a mark on their followers.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, for one, newsjacked* Election Day to turn attention to itself. They launched their own candidate in a campaign they dubbed “The Pizza Party”. Their candidate called “Big Dinner Box” was shown support by fans through sign ups to their website. This is a unique way of gaining their own followers and fans.

*Newsjacking is taking advantage of an event or situation to promote your company and leverage marketing.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a restaurant chain, capitalized on the event by promoting menu items such as “Left Wings” and “Right Wings”. They even have a combo for the undecided. It was called “F*ckIt Buckit”. It’s a great marketing opportunity at this time. A time when people are heated up to show support for their candidates.


Kettle (a popcorn brand) put up this slogan.

“Flavor bold enough to smash glass ceilings”

This way showing their stance when it comes to women equality issues. This creative and ingenious way of stirring interest is a great example of election marketing. If you share the people’s frustrations and hopes for society it will show that you’re not all about business.


Lastly, the multinational delivery company FedEx didn’t lose out on the Election Day marketing competition either. They advertised that they offer quality promotional material printing. They also emphasized that:

“Competition may not always be professional, clean, or elegant, but at least your promotional materials can be”


All the above-mentioned businesses took the opportunity to find that point of election interesting. Based on the results, their marketing strategies were met with great success. You need resourcefulness at this time. Especially when people are bombarded with hundreds and thousands of advertisements daily. You should plan carefully the launch of a one-of-a-kind campaign during special events.