The Essentials of Business Etiquette

When it comes to meeting people in the business world, having etiquette is important for making a great impression. How you approach people and the way you carry yourself speaks a lot. It also reflects your personality and ability to accommodate others. Some business etiquette may not be obvious but these are nonetheless essential.

Be On Time

One of the most basic business etiquettes around the world is arriving ahead or on time. When you have a scheduled meeting with a client or a potential business partner, it is wise to avoid being late. Likewise, arriving ahead of time can improve the impression of other people on you.

Wear The Right Clothes

In line with this, having the right attire for the right occasion is also important. If you are invited to a dinner party, you might want to consider wearing something formal or at least semi-formal. It only shows your consideration with the other party.

Show Interest

Another thing to keep in mind is to have a proper interest when conversing with other people. You can show your interest to what others are talking about by asking questions related to the subject and also sharing your own experiences. The ability to be a good listener reflects one’s own genuine curiosity and perception.

Sincere Body Language

Another basic tool for having proper business etiquette is making sure that your non-verbal actions are sincere. A person’s body language transcends words, this is why our actions have a sizable effect as to how other people perceive us.

Familiarize With Other Cultures

Giving a strong or firm handshake and looking others in the eye are common actions in a Western setting. Some actions might differ in countries but researching what you have to do beforehand begets respect. In Japan, Korea and other Asian countries, bowing when meeting a person is common. Learning the actions of respect in another country is important especially if you are meeting an important person from another culture.

Consider Apology Gifts

Lastly, bringing gifts to clients as an apology is also a valuable tactic for business etiquette. If you have made a mistake that may have displeased the other party, it is important to admit your wrongdoings and apologize sincerely. Doing this by picking out a token of apology or a gift that they may want is a thoughtful act of sincerity. It only shows that you value the other party and you want to make amends in the nicest way possible.


Business etiquettes will always be present to remind us of the importance of being earnest.