Why is Facebook Live Important and It’s Impact on Business Growth

The use of Facebook live video marketing is a growing trend among networkers who are effectively expanding their virtual presence. As an example of how this was utilized, in March 2016, BuzzFeed’s Facebook live, showed their strategy of engaging their audience and humanizing their brand. Their interactive dance battle opened a door for their followers to give suggestions.

The live video was a hit. This allowed BuzzFeed to continually engage the audience by taking their votes into consideration. Also, implementing their suggestions for the second round of dance battle. The live video ended with a party that topped the event with an air of excitement. This move by BuzzFeed certainly expanded their reach further. They won the hearts of their audience by putting their followers in the spotlight.

Benefits of Live-streaming

Why should you turn your attention to live-streaming?

  1. Due to the on-the-spot nature of live videos, they look and sound more genuine. You should not lose that “human touch”. That is a number one rule in social media marketing. You should not take genuine interaction for granted. Even though everything is becoming increasingly automated nowadays.
  2. Another benefit of live streams is, they are recorded and can be played again if a subscriber missed it. Also, if they didn’t get to watch the whole session. It can even be uploaded to YouTube.

If all of these didn’t convince you yet, be aware that you will definitely lose a lot. 50% of social media marketers in 2016 planned to launch live video sessions to expand their reach.

Importance of live-streaming

There is something about real-time engagement that draws people in. Knowing that they are communicating with someone “live” who is sharing the same moment will encourage them to respond and connect with you quickly.

Going live while engaged in a daily life activity will make it even more interesting. You can record yourself while going somewhere or while on vacation. This will set off a relaxed, friendly, and more personalized atmosphere. The more personal you get, the easier it would be to build trust with the people.

Why is building a relationship emphasized here? Unless your company is already a well-known brand, it is a great challenge to gain the trust of your customers for them to buy your products. Trust needs to be established first. Facebook live is surely a great way to gain views in a short time span which then results in more engagement.