Fun Jokes to Ask Your Google Assistant

As the web advances each day, virtual apps and tools that can help you with diverse situations become more and more popular. Especially with the convenience that it offers you.

Aside from virtual tools like Alexa, Siri and Cortana, Google has its very own voice assistant called Google assistant.

What Is Google Voice Assistant

Google Assistant uses voice recognition to do a series of commands. You can use it to find directions, search videos, article or music. You can even control some devices in your home.

Google Assistant derives information on where you live, what movies or food you like. As well as other important information to pattern its response to your questions. This is why asking funny questions to your Google Assistant is an amusing activity in its own way. Ask some commands of your Google Assistant and you may be surprised by its answers.

The Funny Assistant

You can start off by telling your google assistant to tell you a joke. It will likely respond with something like this. “What do you call a guy with a rubber toe? Roberto.

You can also ask your Google Assistant to make you laugh and it will say. “Okay, here you go. Saw a fella chatting up a Cheetah. I thought, well I never, he’s trying to pull a fast one.

Google Assistant provides witty answers and you can even tell the commands repeatedly to get different answers.

The Singing Assistant

Aside from these, you can also ask Google Assistant to sing you a song and it will go by this response. “I love singing. I love singing, I really do, and here I am singing a little song for you. As you can tell, I’m not too shy, although perhaps it’s now time to say goodbye. Goodbye!

In addition to this, a fun thing to ask your Google Assistant is to rap and it will say. “I can drop a beat. (Drops a beat).

The Mind Reading Assistant

Another fun joke you really have to ask your Google Assistant is. “What am I thinking of right now?” Google Assistant’s answer will differ for some users. For example, one user got the answer of. “You’re thinking if my Google Assistant guesses what I’m thinking I’m going to freak out.”


Lastly, you can ask Google Assistant what is the meaning of life and it will surely give you an answer that will not disappoint. Truly, Google Assistant does not only fulfill your every day needs but it can also entertain you.

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