Funny Stories in Business with Moral Lessons

Good stories usually come with moral values and lessons. Here are some interesting and funny stories that you can relate to business.

Ancient Lamp

The first one tells the story of a sales clerk, an administration rep, and a manager finding an ancient lamp.

Upon rubbing the lamp, a genie comes out and promises to grant each of them a wish. The sales clerk talks first and says that he wants to enjoy a vacation in the Bahamas. While the admin clerk immediately comes up next to the genie and says that he wants to be relaxing on a beach in Hawaii. The genie grants the wishes and the two instantly vanish into thin air.

The genie then turns to the manager to grant the last wish. The manager comes up to the genie and says that he wants the two of them to be back at the office by lunch.

This hilarious story highlights the importance of asking your boss or your superior first before making any big decisions. After all, making decisions without your superior’s consent or knowledge can lead you to trouble. Especially if it can affect the company as a whole.


The second lesson comes from a sad yet funny story about an eagle, a small rabbit and a fox. An eagle was resting on a branch doing nothing. A small rabbit comes over, looks up and copies the eagle by sitting on the ground and doing nothing too. Suddenly, a fox comes by, spots the rabbit and gobbles it whole.

The moral lesson of the story is simple. To be sitting still and doing nothing, you must be in a very high position. Being lazy while working for somebody will get you nowhere. Not only does it give a bad impression to others, but you can also be reprimanded because of your behavior. You must always be alert and on guard during work.


You may never know when your boss might check up on you or follow up on your deadlines. These funny jokes are more than just unusual stories because they exemplify real-life situations. In the world of business, you have to be aware of the nuances and unspoken rules.

You have to know what your boss wants and effectively meet his demands. In doing so, you can do your job properly and contribute a great cause to the company.