Gain Business Marketing Advantage through Snapchat Marketing

Everything is indispensable in social media marketing. By everything, we mean platforms
like Snapchat which is one of the most popular social networks at present. The young
demographic of Snapchat makes it a feasible venue for companies targeting the 18 to 34 age
range. As a marketer, why should you consider Snapchat as a platform for spreading out the
word? First, there is less competition. Your ‘stories’ can be easily seen by followers who added
you as a friend. Another advantage is that, compared to other social media channels, there are
fewer advertisements. This means more views because your post will not be buried under
external links and paid ads.

If you like to think outside-the- box and launch radically different campaigns, Snapchat is the
social media platform for you. There is no limit to creativity because you can even doodle,
include emojis, and style your live videos in many ways by using its many filters. The limitless
possibilities of this application enhances its raw character. Professional and overly edited
advertisements are not appealing to the younger generation. If you are targeting them, you have
to be quirky with your ad as much as possible. The raw and genuine approach is your best option
to catch their attention.

There are a number of ways to use Snapchat. One way to utilize it well is through the use of
coupon codes. A successful implementation of this is offering discounts through the coupons in
exchange for pictures of the product consumed. As an example, 16Handles' campaign is one of
the best in marketing history. They thought of this ingenious way to increase brand awareness
and at the same time, profits. Next, you can also increase engagement through live-streaming. A
real-time recording of an event that your company launched can surely excite your audience and
make them look forward to that big day. Post short, attention-grabbing phrases and see your
followers grow!

Another way of using Snapchat is to share behind-the- scenes sneak peeks. Get more personal
with your audience by letting them into the company culture. Post company events and outings
to set your company apart from your competitors. Doing this will leave an impression on the
public. It would be easier for them to remember you more. Snapchat also offer a way to reach a
unique audience. Like what has been mentioned, Snapchat's demographics is young. Companies
who can't seem to reach this audience in other social networking sites will surely find success

Snapchat allows you to easily connect and communicate with influencers. Social media
marketing experts are aware of what influencers are capable of. Consumers trust other consumers
like themselves more compared to brands. This is valuable knowledge in marketing campaigns.
Serena Williams, for example, was employed by Gatorade during the 2016 Super Bowl. She was
seen getting virtually dumped with a cooler of orange Gatorade. This Snapchat lens was part of a
campaign in that big event.

Snapchat is unique in a way that it give your audience a look into a different aspect of your
business. Are you aware that it is capable of a four times higher engagement rate compared to
similar platforms like Instagram? The retail company Everlane said "Snapchat gives us the
chance to explore transparency in a completely new way. No fancy cameras. No editing. Just
raw, live, footage. It’s beautiful, and it’s the platform for the modern generation." Get your snap
on now!

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