Launching a One of a Kind Halloween Marketing Strategy

A customer-centric strategy should be at play if you want to make your Halloween marketing successful. This is common knowledge among businesses. As a serious marketer aiming to generate more profit for your company, you should think of how your company can stand out from the crowd. You can do this by employing a marketing technique with the customers’ viewpoint in mind.

Halloween spending is next to Christmas as the holiday. It is a time when consumers spend the most during the year. Make sure you carefully devising a unique marketing plan.

Halloween Hunt

Partnering with other businesses is a great way to give your customers a memorable experience. Something they can’t help but share with their friends and family members.

A great idea is to organize a Halloween hunt that involves the search for spooky items or “ghosts” in several stores. They will go from your store to another until they finish the search with a prize waiting at the end.

Celebrate Fall

Another radically different idea is to have an “alternative Halloween” event. You can do so by promoting other fall celebrations. Think outside the box and be the Grinch who stole Halloween! This will amuse your customers while at the same time educating them about other fall traditions.

Un-Scary Halloween

Another suggestion is to launch an “un-scariest Halloween celebration of the year”. To do so, offer discounts on normal items such as socks, hankies, etc.

Costume Swap

Costume exchanges were popularized in the year 2010. The event has been formally branded as “National Costume Swap Day”. You can hold this in your store or during Halloween parties as an additional activity to your marketing list. The goal is to encourage more customer participation as much as possible. The more people who invite their friends, the higher are the chances for you to promote more products and services in the future.

Trick Or Treat

Do you want to make the event more unique? Go the opposite way again and have a “reverse trick or treat”! Go trick or treating with your employees around the neighborhood. Instead of getting candy, give away bundles of sweets with your logo on them. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also give items such as shirts, tumblers, or key chains. This way people will see your brand on a daily bases.


Again, it is important to think creatively at this time. A time when other businesses are employing overly-used marketing tactics. Something that has been around for about five years (and more) already. The point is for you to leave a lasting impression on the people. This will definitely boost engagement and lead to purchases in the long run.