Online Marketing Tips for Holiday Season and Winter Solstice

As you know the first day of Winter Solstice falls on the 21st day of December. It offers a wide variety of business tips and marketing ideas to rack up your profits. One of the most important things to consider during this time is consumer demand and product advertisements.

A way you can utilize this holiday is to highlight the flaws of your competitor’s products and give light to your own. Product differentiation by means of consumer affirmation is a useful strategy that puts your business into an advantageous spot amongst others.

Video Marketing

One way to do this is to make or create a video. Show how “Brand X” disappoints customers because of reasons which can stem from inconsistency on product quality. Maybe even the effectiveness of the brand. In your video, consumers can lay out other reasons as to why they are not satisfied with “Brand X”. This is where effective advertising comes in.

You can provide a product that can surpass other products by laying out the uses and quality of your product in the video. In this manner, your customers’ requirements and preferences are not only given a thought but also provided consideration for the product being advertised.

This strategy is usually done for businesses where customer usage is involved. In relation to Winter Solstice, you can make your video advertisement have a special promo or discount during this period. This way, making it more catchy and noticeable.

‘Urgency’ of Email Marketing

Another way to make Winter Solstice worth remembering for customers is to give them a sense of urgency. Christmas time will be here before long and that they NEED to purchase or avail of different discounts within this period.

Email marketing is useful in a way that it reminds your customers of the limited days that they are left with. When it comes to email marketing, it is also important to give out special online Winter Solstice themed cards. This way you will make it more pleasing for your customers. The followers of your website are more likely to notice your message if you make it simple but eye-catching.

Some catchphrases are also key. You can use these phrases to usher customers into buying items from your shop. Aside from this, you can also create an inspiring story-telling theme on your web page for customers to enjoy. Stories themed on Winter solstice can inspire people to buy or give precious gifts for their families.