Top 7 Tips to Utilize LinkedIn for Your Business Marketing Needs

LinkedIn is considered as the world’s largest professional network. It was created mainly for professionals to connect with each other. Now, more and more users realize that its uses go beyond merely connecting people. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it’s made for serious businessmen. People who are seeking long-term relationships through social networking.

The platform eliminates bogus sellers, dealers, suppliers, and customers. You can immediately see how legitimate the individual is. Based on their connections and the records provided in the business experience section. There is a need for discernment too of course. However, the fact that LinkedIn allows you to block users increases your chance to find long-term partners or even clients. You can block people whose invitations to connect are rejected because they are not recognized as colleagues or partners.

1. Optimize Your Page

As you know, LinkedIn is great for B2B (business-to-business) connections. An optimized LinkedIn page can be easily discovered by new businesses and partners. Giving recommendations and endorsements to your connections as well as asking from them, are just some of the ways to utilize it to your advantage. Just like joining groups and posting relevant posts consistently.

One way to find prospects on LinkedIn is to create your own groups. Send personalized invitations to each of your connections will encourage them to join you.

2. Do Not Spam!

Unlike social networking sites, spammy posts are frowned upon on LinkedIn. The members maintain a professional profile in order to establish valuable networks. Therefore, it’s important for a social marketer to ensure that the posts are of high-quality.

3. Stay Consistent

LinkedIn makes it easier for you to find targeted prospects because of the emphasized and highlighted positions in respective companies. Consistency throughout your company’s page gives it a credible, professional look. The colors, content, and images included should have the same tone to achieve this. Moreover, updating it regularly will create value for your audience.

4. Customize the URL

Brand your profile page by customizing your web address. LinkedIn will automatically generate a URL that is a combination of letters and numbers. You can edit this to make you more searchable on Google for example.

5. Create a Catchy Summary

Don’t forget to create a great summary and don’t waste the 2,000 characters provided for this area. Construct complete sentences from the first person point of view. It’s better to include your contact details at the end even if you already provided this. You want to make sure that it’s very easy for them to reach you.

6. Participate in the ‘Community’

Keep in mind that active participation is necessary. Actively post, comment, and join groups because hard selling is discouraged. Contribute something of value and see your connections grow. Again, be aware that you should only connect with people you know. Only a few are aware that LinkedIn will ban you if the people you’re trying to connect to will tell LinkedIn that they don’t know you. Don’t automatically go straight for the pitch when you connect with someone. First, find a way to really help the person you’re connecting with. It’s important to give something of value. To maximize LinkedIn further, you can link all your social media profiles (Google Plus, YouTube etc.) for greater visibility.

7. Post Regularly

When it comes to posts, posting at least once a week can reach 60% of your audience. Make sure to share helpful, quality content and engage with those who are liking and commenting on your post. See what connection they have with you. If they’re a second or third connection and if they read two or more of your articles, you might start sending them notes through LinkedIn. There is a higher response rate because they are already familiar with you.


Aside from the abovementioned, you should not stuff your profile with a lot of skills. The fewer the better in order to build credibility. Post projects related to those few skills to gain authority in the field.

LinkedIn can be utilized in a number of ways. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to use LinkedIn’s features. The best thing about them is – they’re free!

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