Best Marketing Campaign Strategies for New Beginnings

New Year is usually met with new beginnings and new hope for a lot of people. In line with this, you are challenged with the fact on how to increase the sales during this season. It is therefore pertinent to be able to promote your idea during New Year and launch an effecting marketing campaign.

‘New Beginnings’ Strategy

Putting importance on the concept of “new beginnings” can be seen as a useful strategy. Incorporating the use of the start of the year with promotional items or discounts. This way you will give the consumers the notion of “starting the year right”. Enticing them into buying items with the thought that they are saving more. According to Wadlington (2016) creating an urgent need to plan for the year can give you as a marketer an advantage too. Wadlington provides an example of encouraging consumers to plan by buying or reserving bookings for a hotel or vacation in advance. This can help them gain a sense of stability during the start of the year.

Email Marketing Strategy

In addition to this, email marketing is also an indispensable way of gaining an advantage over competitors during the month of January. You can give out special coupons and deals at the start of the year by emailing consumers and encouraging them to subscribe. This will give a sense of entitlement to the person and establish further connections. Delivering content as to what the consumers prefer through further studies and research can also give an insight into what to write for email marketing. Including seasonal rewards, special cards and even bundle discounts.

Creative Packaging Strategy

Another good strategy during the New Year is the creative packaging of products. To please your consumers you could give them special limited edition packaging. This particular strategy has been used by different business owners. One example is ‘Starbucks Holiday Cups’. With the help of graphic designers and great advertisements. Give several items for a special price and wrap them in a creative manner. This ought to not only make customers happy but will also help them be loyal to the company. All this in hopes of availing special promos in the future.


To wrap up, what matters most during the New Year season is giving the thought of starting over. Also, providing products that will inspire them to plan their own resolutions for the year. Knowing what the majority of the public wants will always be an advantage.