Top Tips For Marketing on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a day of transition to the major holiday shopping activities of the year. You know you should not disregard giving respect and recognition to the holiday. However, your business should already be preparing itself to heighten the interest of your customers in your products. Doubling our efforts to entice prospects at this time will increase the likelihood of customers purchasing from us in the month that follows.

How can you best use the time to market yourselves, make your brand known, and ensure publicity? First of all, the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow Thanksgiving is reason enough to quicken and multiply our marketing efforts. The period starting from Thanksgiving to the week that follows is one which may even produce the highest number of sales for the year. Aside from Christmas, of course.

Importance of Utilizing Your Email List

If you may not have noticed, we will utilize the power of email marketing to generate interest from those who signed up to our email list. Here is one of the not-so-obvious advantages of marketing during Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is the valuable information gleaned about customer interest and behavior that can be a springboard. This will give you more knowledge on how to market in the holiday that follows. The Thanksgiving customer’s profile can be used as a basis for the next months’ plan.

Importance of Giving Back to Others

Since it’s Thanksgiving, it’s a great idea to strengthen your company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities. Extending help to others and showing that you want to give back to others shows that your company is not just bound to business. As well as, that you go beyond the mere, natural dictates of profit generation. Whether it be your customers specifically or the larger society in general. Brands who give back show lasting returns in the long run. This also shows that your goal, of which they are a part of in the process, encompasses values and ideals.

Importance of Extended Hours of Operation

Lastly, extending shopping hours will make your customers forever grateful. Offer more than the hectic, time-sensitive nature of Black Friday, this is a great offer to customers who don’t want to join in the rush. You can host a shopping party late in the evening with a DJ, midnight snacks, night giveaways and special discounts!


Thanksgiving gives you an opportunity to create an amazing customer experience. Like the other holidays of the year, you must offer something of value. Make sure to direct your marketing plan for the special holiday. If you successfully implement this, it will do more than generate significant profit for your company.