Marketing Strategies During Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a yearly event which usually falls on the second Monday of October. Columbus Day may be a tricky event to use to your advantage for sales because it is not your usual gift giving day. Nevertheless, it is important to know what marketing strategies to use during this day.

Special Events

Since Columbus Day falls on the fall season, you can make special deals that will invigorate many customers to shop. Creating special events related to Columbus Day can also help your business as it makes it more exciting for customers to shop. Special events may include participating on marathon runs, creating booths tailored for the fall season and many others.

Email Marketing

Another marketing strategy that you can use during Columbus Day is effective email marketing. The importance of reminding subscribers and members alike is a popular strategy before a special holiday. Many businesses usually send out discounts or promos one day before the holiday. This way giving a sense of time limit to the people receiving it.

For example, you can send a discount coupon of 30% on membership fees or bundle products one day before Columbus Day. Then give customers a five or six-day duration to avail of the promo. This gives customers the time to check their emails and think about the new promo presented.

Be reminded that the visual presentation of the promo is important as well. The tagline must be catchy and welcoming to customers. It is also useful to make use of backgrounds and logos to your advantage.

Web Content

In addition to email marketing, web content should also be considered. When the special holiday falls, expect an influx of customers visiting your website in order to look at products or goods. This way, you can prepare for anything that happens.

Since the website can also crash because of this time, management preparation should be added. This can be done by safeguarding your website so that customers can freely visit.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising can also be done usually when customers are online. This advertising is popular for customers who are currently searching or looking into similar products or items that your business have. Facebook advertising works in such a way that it sifts through customers who are interested in similar items to your shops.


Columbus Day is a marketable holiday which can work with online advertising well. The best way to take advantage of this is to market the start of fall season too.