Top Reasons to Use Winter Solstice For Holiday Advertisement

You know that Winter Solstice is one of the “unpopular” events of the year. It is not given much attention by marketers. This fact, however, gives your businesses a great advantage. It also presents more opportunities for you to create a unique audience that the others take for granted. The audience group you create, if taken care of well, can increase and become loyal customers and not just be your fans. The following are some reasons why you should consider using Winter Solstice for your Holiday advertisement.

Major Companies Used It In the Past

1. Swimsuits For All

Take the example of the e-commerce company, Swimsuits For All. They were able to position themselves well in terms of Winter Solstice marketing. And what helped them was their slogan “It’s the shortest sale of the year on the shortest day of the year!”. The urgent call to action here prompted groups of customers to purchase. Their campaign just ran for two days but it was effective.

2. GigSalad

GigSalad also used the same technique and made Winter Solstice their foundation to hook recipients in opening their e-mails. While the event and theme are incorporated largely in their copy, or subject line to be more specific, it likewise helped in interest build-up. The creative “This sale will end quicker than the Winter Solstice!” line generated clicks. Even though it was not for Winter Solstice, using that significantly helped in their Thanksgiving marketing.

3. Estee Launder

Moreover, Estee Lauder, the well-known skin care, fragrance and makeup company, crafted a creative copy. Something that mirrors the abovementioned brands who managed to gain a marketing foothold at this lesser-known event of the year. Mentioning that “It’s the winter solstice. Enjoy a long winter’s night repair” showcased and highlighted the best feature of their Advanced Night Repair serum.

It Is Unique

One is apt to wonder and take notice of the way these companies set themselves apart from the competition. The secret is in the “uniqueness” of the Winter Solstice theme. You know that everyone else is bombarding the market and customer groups with Thanksgiving and Christmas advertisements. In the meantime, your company can first focus on this very short but at the same time, a very targeted segment of holiday promotions.

It Adds a Touch Of Urgency

Emphasize on the shortness of the event to turn the public attention to your e-mail. An interesting product that can be marketed specifically at this time is something that can be used specifically at night. The right product at the right time can be one of your most popular sales ever.


The abovementioned examples reflect another fact that cannot be easily noticed – that of simply including the term “Winter Solstice” in the title of your e-mail. A number of customers might not be familiar with the subject and you can be the one to first educate them of this very interesting time. Be creative!