New Marketing Ideas for the Christmas Holidays

Marketing during the Christmas holidays should take on newer, improved forms as outdated,
overly used techniques might not work with new set of audiences. This is one of the major
holidays of the year and as a big event, it entails a thorough look into how a marketer or business
owner can effectively engage new sets of customers and retain old ones by ramping up the
advertising game with an understanding of how the public perception is evolving.

The people’s worldview that business owners and brands should consider might not be the same
as it was ten or even five years ago for example. A decade is of course, not a really long time to
bring up a more radical strategy or technique but the advice is to improve based on the changing
times. This is not to say that the old methods don’t work anymore – old trends can be brought out
once again with an unexpected change in the social atmosphere.

To go straight to the point – what are the important considerations before launching our
Christmas marketing campaigns for the year 2017? Should we build up on what we have been
doing in the past few years or is there a totally new idea that can change the majority of what
we’ve gotten used to? These questions can make us think deeply of taken for granted marketing
truths that will in turn, lead to significant losses in our business.

We can first start with the fact that there are numerous opportunities offered to mobile
applications and e-commerce stores. Small businesses and startups can gain a lot in the virtual
community and various websites that can be avenues for promotions. To show how significant
this statement is, know for a fact that in the UK, online Christmas sales make up 14% of the total
retail sales – a very, very significant percentage.

Christmas updates build up anticipation and excitement and the more excited a customer is, the
more that the feeling will drive his purchase behavior to completion. The secret to marketing or

promotion success – is not “promoting” at all. It has been suggested that your posted social
media (and even e-mail marketing) contents should only have 20% promotional suggestions.
80% can or rather, must contain value to your followers.

Advertisers have been racking their brains, thinking of not coming on too strong in advertising
during an event like this. Some examples of value-added contents you can share is the how-to’s:
how to decorate your Christmas tree, how to make a perfect Christmas Eve dinner and so on.

Consumers will appreciate your effort in taking the time to give them new knowledge and this
can even help in making your post go viral because the more that people comment how
interesting it is, the more it will be shared, and the more that your brand will gain popularity.

Rewards in the form of digital coupons are getting more and more popular. As stated above, your
followers can be groomed to become the perfect ambassadors or representatives of your brand.
And as you may well know, consumers trust their fellow consumers: the testimony of one is
more powerful than any marketing tactic you might think of.

Back to the matter at hand – reward your loyal followers and customers with discounts and
coupons as a symbol of your sincere gratitude for their patronage. It’s not easy to gain repeat
customers. If you were able to build a significant number, take care of them because they can be
your most powerful means of promotion.

Christmas is a time to squeeze out your creative juices and revitalize campaigns. The more
memorable your advertisement is, the more that you will establish a name in the minds and
hearts of the people even in the other events of the year.

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