Ramp Up Your Labor Day Business Marketing Game!

Labor Day is a great opportunity for you to market to tired laborers seeking repose or rest from the drudgeries of work. This event marks the end of the summer season. There is no better time for you to offer summer giveaways and get rid of your summer stock. You can emphasize or market that irresistible discounts are offered in order to replenish your shelves with fall items. Thus, you hit two birds with one stone.

Pre-Launch Advertising

You should employ pre-launch tactics to set off your Labor Day marketing with a bang. The idea is to create hype or excitement leading up to the big event. This is a very effective step to ensure your marketing success. However, it is often neglected or taken for granted. Most business owners are just focused on using their strategies on the event itself. You should have a pre-launch advertising plan. This is actually effective because you are assured of interested customers subscribing to your service.

1. Email Marketing

One method to incorporate in your pre-launch strategy is email marketing. Many people underestimate the result that this yields since they focus on short-term results. The success of email marketing is often seen in the long run. The patience to follow-up with potential customers is a trait rarely possessed by most marketers.

2. Mobile Friendliness

In line with that, most people now use mobile phones to check and read emails. It is recommended that your content should be optimized for mobile viewing. Moreover, don’t also neglect to optimize your website! Your customers will be turned off when they don’t see all the images, banners, and content at once when they open the link.

3. Sence Of Urgency

It is important to create a sense of urgency in your promotions. You’re aiming for the promotion that is bounded by the holiday – Labor Day.  So take advantage and make your deal time-sensitive. We all know that nobody wants to pass up on something that is only offered once a year.

4. Participation

Lastly, another effective Labor Day marketing tactic is active participation in street festivals or parties. You should not underestimate the impact of making your presence known. Even if it is a “small” gathering. Remember that word-of-mouth (W.O.M.) advertising can yield the highest returns. Even compared to all of the other marketing channels, since it is the most trusted. The best way to “trigger” W.O.M. is to deliver a service that exceeds customer expectation. This way you will set yourself apart from your competitors by doing something memorable during the special events.