Scarcity and Urgency as Effective Element for Amazon Marketing

Amazon may be a challenging platform to work with because you have to compete with
others but it is also one of the biggest online shops that a lot of customers patronize. Scarcity is
one of the many techniques’ that can be adopted for Amazon marketing as it involves making
your products seem scarce in order to force a greater sense of urgency for customers viewing
your product. Scarcity also creates the illusion of rarity to the product thereby increasing its
value. Furthermore, you can also use the fear of shortage towards limited edition items to have a
deeper effect. Scarcity also works in the most effective way if the item will also be shipped
within the next 24 hours to the customer. The more valuable a product is perceived to be, the
more it is coveted. You can use this strategy for the number of stocks displayed on your Amazon
As with scarcity, urgency in Amazon marketing also plays an important role in ushering
your customers to buy products with a given time frame or for a limited period of time. You just
have to provide detailed information about the product that you are planning to use this strategy
for. Detailed information requires the seller to provide when the product will restock and cut-off
times for the customer. This way, the product that you advertise will seem more credible and
trustworthy to the buyer.
To make balance for your Amazon seller page, scarcity and urgency should go hand in
hand. Scarcity enforces a sense of urgency and urgency highlights the importance of scarcity.
This is why many small online shops on Amazon succeed during rush time because of utilizing
these two features. That being said, you also have to consider the feelings of the customers
wanting to buy your product. This means that you have to draw the line in order to use these
strategies responsibly in your business.
Scarcity and urgency are two great marketing strategies that use psychological techniques
that often play on the perception and judgment of people. This is because when a person is
pressed for time or pressured to make a decision within a limited period of time, they usually do
not think long and hard and just create a decision that will suit the situation. The customers will
have the privilege of thinking that they have scored a great deal by availing the limited item.