Seasonal Marketing Ideas on Winter Solstice

Winter solstice starts on December 22 of each year. During this short period, companies and
business owners are faced with the task of incorporating useful strategies to cater to the
consumers’ demands. The challenges and methods of creating new ideas to promote various
products to the public will be discussed in this article.

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges during this period is to emphasize the urgency to
buy products for the consumers. Hence, corporations prepare tactics for improving the sales
during the winter solstice. According to Lauwereins (2017), diverse tactics include changing the
layout of websites to capture the attention of people, creating set items to match the winter
season, and even customizing or adding winter themed designs on products.

Another useful idea during this period is through the implementation of “giveaways.” Certain
giveaways for products limited for a specific time frame not only shows the ingenuity of
business owners to give consumers the privilege of receiving a product for free but also improves
the chance of higher sales for the period. Regarding winter solstice, it is apt to add freebies for
couple or combo products in order to satisfy the consumer with the notion that their money is
well spent.

Based on the aforementioned paragraphs, another reason to take advantage of this period is
because of the bonus that consumers receive during these holidays. In this case, Christmas
themed festivals, parties, gatherings and several occasions of pleasing people and meeting
important loved ones are given emphasis. This means that anything specially customized for the
winter season is bound to have a special effect on consumer’s capacity to purchase.

Adding to the information based on the previous paragraphs, Sednaoui (2016) mentions a
particularly useful strategy during the Winter Solstice. In his article, giving the urgency and
taking advantage of the knowledge that it is the shortest period of the year, giving a short sale
within this period will leave consumers thankful for the promotional discount on the items. This
means that giving a tagline of “Winter Solstice Savings period” with a sizable discount for a
duration of 3-5 days will be effective in urging the people to spend money on gifts.

Lastly, limited edition products with creative designs for the Winter Solstice is also an effective
way of strategic marketing. Consumers are bound to follow the trend with personalized items on

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