Promoting your Business at the Start of the School Year

As a wise business owner or marketer, you know how to adapt your style to market effectively during the different events. The start of a school year significantly impacts all kinds of businesses one way or the other. Shopping for school is a field that is perhaps not owned entirely by e-commerce.

If you have a brick and mortar business, this is a good time to take the opportunity to market and get an advantage over online businesses. There is an excitement in the air as parents and children alike walk hand in hand to the school supply store.

A study by Eyeview Digital found out that less than 20% of the parent and children population purchase the school supplies online. This shows how effective local targeting is when it comes to back-to-school marketing.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is a targeted mode of bringing the word out in a bounded area. This involves the study of cultural preferences. Taking this into consideration prevents you from making generalized assumptions of what you think is the best campaign strategy.

Localization is often taken for granted but in fact. However, the abovementioned study revealed that 66% of students and 34% of the parents think that this is the most effective strategy when it comes to back-to-school campaigns.


In terms of online marketing, personalization and retargeting are also needed strategies to ensure marketing success. In a nutshell, personalization is the process of sending individualized messages or content to increase engagement. Retargeting involves following up the customer until conversion.

Appropriate Targeting

There is also a good chance for e-commerce stores to make a profit as well. The same study found out that about half of the students get more than half of their school supplies online. It is important for you to take note of this finding. 48% of the parents said that the decision to purchase lies in their children. The implication is that there is a need to market to both parents and children. If you do not take even one of them into consideration, you will have a 50% rate of failure.

How can you do this? You can, for example, get creative by including pictures of the product in the price sign. Attract them with images of popular cartoon characters.

Great Discounts

A challenge that online sellers need to overcome is the impact of time. Consumers will more likely visit brick and mortar stores. The reason for that is that most tend to buy supplies at the last minute. A proposed solution is to advertise big discounts. This will make consumers aware of the advantages of shopping online early.

Resourcefulness and versatility are important in this very competitive business world.