Choosing Start-Up Vs Franchise Business

Starting a business can be a risky phenomenon. Especially if you do not yet know what niche you want. Choosing between starting your own business or just having a franchise is difficult.

Why Start-Up

For one, having a start-up business requires a lot of planning, time and effort. At the same time, having few sources to start what you want is also difficult. The problem of spending a lot and gaining it back is a challenge that every start-up business faces.

Evaluating your competitors in your chosen field can be very stressful. Especially while trying to employ tactics in providing something new to the public. One of the factors that make pursuing a start-up business challenging, is the prospect of unpredictability. People may or may not like your services or product depending on what you expect. The responses that customers make differ a lot because of the presence of formidable companies and popular franchise.

However, no matter how difficult venturing for a start-up business may be, it is not devoid of fulfillment. Once you manage to accomplish what you wanted. Your creativity and developmental planning skills will be tested. However, if your business succeeds then it can result in a legacy of your own.

Why Franchise

Franchise businesses, on the other hand, have other distinct advantages. For one, franchise businesses operate under a common brand and system. Something that is the same throughout all the other branches across the country. This means that you don’t have to rack your brain or creative juices producing something new. Nor worry if your business will click to the public. Having a franchise means entrusting your funds or capital to a successful business and helping in managing or constructing its branches.

However, when you delve into franchising you have to keep in mind that you also have to give part of your fees to the franchise or franchisor. Thereby enabling them to ensure that your franchise will be supported. You also have to comply with the laws and policies of the franchisor. Even before you start your franchise. This means that you cannot make any big decisions on your own that may affect the company.


In more ways than one, having a franchise business does not immediately equate to success. Just like a start-up business, you have to consider a lot of possible scenarios. In the end, you have to go with what you are most confident about.