4 Reasons Why Marketing On Veterans Day Is Important

Veterans Day celebration and marketing is not a must for most businesses. Owners forego this important occasion as they are busy thinking of ways to promote their stores for the Christmas season. Marketing on Veterans Day, however, is an opportunity that only comes once a year. As a successful business, you should not ignore that which is close to the hearts of the people.

1. Shows Respect

Giving respect to the soldiers who sacrificed for the country sets your business above. Especially when it comes to the streams of businesses whose primary goal is to gain profit during every holiday. You should aim for the cause. Making monetary returns should be a secondary goal. This will make you more genuine in your Veterans Day endeavors.

2. Draws in a Large Number Of Customers

The assertion that Veterans Day is an important consideration for businesses is backed with the finding that veterans and active military service members (specifically 85% of their population) are more likely to purchase from businesses who honor them compared to those who don’t.

Pretty obvious – you reap what you sow. That is a significant number of the consumer population. Veterans have a $1 trillion spending power which makes them a determinant in business success.

3. More Likely to Make a Return Customer

Veterans, active military members, on-field and off-field volunteers can be your most loyal customers ever. The purchase behavior goes beyond their needs – it is driven by emotions and principles. Investing in this passionate sector of the population will bring many returns in the long run – not just in terms of monetary gain.

4. Increase In Revenue

Businesses such as Under Armour have seen success in their Veterans Day marketing campaigns. They saw up to sixty percent growth in revenue. A retailer who has undergone an overhaul under MARCH Marketing’s management generated a twenty to thirty billion increase in profit, which just happened in one year. These results should be enough to move you to actually start spending time focusing on your Veterans Day campaigns.

Sensitivity to the general populace is needed in the process of promoting your Veterans Day advertisements, discounts or promotions. The authenticity factor can never be removed from this type of marketing. In fact, it should be of utmost consideration with regards to the nature of the holiday.

It Is Worth The Effort

Lastly, you should also consider the convenience of veterans and duty members in utilizing your offer. Online verification engines are a necessity in order to make the process of checking the validity of their military participation faster. The whole process of marketing will surely take a lot of work. Then again, the results it can yield might be phenomenal to your brand history.