What to Keep in Mind when Marketing this Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a holiday met with controversies due to its history. Its controversial nature might be one of the reasons why it’s a state holiday in only twenty-three states in the U.S. In fact, some states like South Dakota, Seattle and Hawaii changed the name to Native Americans Day, Indigenous People’s day and Discoverer’s Day respectively. Discoverer’s Day, however, is not an official holiday in Hawaii.

It is very important for you to be sensitive when planning your Columbus Day marketing. As you know, critics have increased in recent years. For one, Columbus Day is rooted in slavery. As proven by history – an event in which the world explorer, Columbus, even propagated. It is not surprising that this matter will come to light in these times when multicultural diversity is increasing.

Celebrate Cultures

If it fits into your niche, you can promote cultures and indigenous traditions and products. Some businesses like Best Buy also use this time as a springboard for winter sales. But of course, if you want your business to be more relatable with your customers and the environment around you, it’s best to incorporate holiday themes throughout the year. This way you will show that you support the recognition of special events in the history of your country. As well as uphold the values that come with them.

Support a Cause

Your customers will appreciate it if you’re not all about business. Businesses that last longer have CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities stay longer as proven by big companies. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a big company before you can start making a difference in your community. The simple act of supporting a cause or value through the dissemination of information in order to increase awareness. Also, bringing to mind important societal values is impactful enough to set yourself apart from the competition.

Use Social Media

If you can’t think of any marketing strategy this Columbus Day, why don’t you promote cultural awareness? Maybe even knowledge about indigenous groups. You can do this through your different social media channels. Make attractive “Did You Know?” graphics or infographics. Moreover, you can also post about the history of the country to make the younger generation aware of major historical events. Your customers will appreciate you for that!


As mentioned, a marketer needs to be sensitive when promoting during Columbus Day. The society’s anti-slavery stand will become more and more evident as time goes by. It’s important to be prepared by considering the feelings of other groups as you go about your marketing campaigns.